Bald Headed Kingpin 200x199 Bald Headed Kingpin

Bald Headed Kingpin

1. Ah Bird Just F***** Flew In
2. I Rock the Gangsta S*** – (featuring Big Syke)
3. You Wanna Bang – (featuring Slush Tha Villain/Mr. Skrilla)
4. Keep It Coming Real – (featuring Slush Tha Villain/Big Red)
5. Let’s Go to War – (featuring Mr. Shadow)
6. I’m Here to Trouble You
7. Haven’t You Heard
8. Whatcha Gonna Do
9. Why Would You – (featuring Mr. Shadow)
10. Gangsters Don’t Rest – (featuring Mr. Shadow)
11. This Be For My Gangsters
12. Nasty B****** – (featuring Slush Tha Villain)
13. Chase, The

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