2 panel insert 2 197x200 Still Blazin

Still Blazin

1. Ya seven ft. Lazy Menace
2. Da kick back ft. Mr. Groove
3. Stress sin
4. La muerte se aserca ft. Lazy Menace
5. 18 st. collabo ft. Lil Joker, Wicked Minds
6. Flotando ft. Delincuente
7. Desmadres ft. Payaso, Delincuente
8. Blowing smoke 4-20 ft. Ese Santo
9. Exit Wounds ft. Precise
10. Posted on da bloKC
11. Love letters
12. LAlalala means I love you
13. Brown pride ft. Delincuente, Pwee Loks
14. U can’t fuck with us ft. Silencio
15. Another body lifeless ft. Creeper, Mr. Blue
16. Evil side of darkness
17. West coast street life ft. Ese Grumpy, Mr. Kush Daddy

Centroside Records

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