earcandy 200x200 Ear Candy

1. Ear Candy intro-ft Tobias lamar
2. Candy Girls around the World ft-Tobias Lamar
3. That Fuego
4. Mary Jane-ft Brown & Tobias Lamar
5. Carmel Apple
6. The Finer Things ft -Tobias Lamar
7. Strip Club- ft Simes Carter
8. On & On- ft -Castro
9. Spontanious
10. On Dubbs-ft Baby Bash-&Rico Luna
11. All for Publicity-ft Tobias Lamar
12. Supa Freak-ft Castro
13. DownLow-ft Big Reece
14. That Bubble-ft Chingo Bling
15. Call Me-ft Brown & G.Money
16. Cuff your Chick-ft-Castro
17. She was Just a Dream-ft G.Money
18. Storms will Come-ft Castro

Mero Mero Records
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