my only way out 200x198 My Only Way Out

My Only Way Out

1. Who Is Lil Yogi
2. Chicano Rap
3. Westcoast Party
4. Do You Want Me Ft. Sicc 2 Sicc G’S
5. Lowrider Ft. Lyrical
6. Look Into My Eyes Ft. Smilone
7. Smoking Bombs
8. Stay Cautious Ft. Kriminal And Sicc 2 Sicc G’S
9. You Don’t Want None Ft. Lyrical And Casual
10. Hating Cause Were Hot Ft. Smilone
11. Hood Whistle Ft. L Boy
12. Sicc Made Tattoos
13. Lil One Diss
14. 64′s Hopin Ft. Smilone
15. Outro
16. Untitled

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