51jlGCjfgcL. SL500 AA300  200x200 I Pledge To Tha Streets

I Pladge To Tha Streets

1. I Pledge To Tha Streets
2. Organized Crime Cartel (feat. Mr. Criminal & Organized Cartel)
3. Hit ‘Em Up (feat. Seven & Chito)
4. Real Ridaz (feat. Rocky Padilla & Lil Yogi)
5. I Know You Hate Me
6. Clever Tha Don
7. From SA to SD (feat. Mr. Shadow & Organized Cartel)
8. Land of Gangstaz
9. El Campo (feat. Phrome, Lil Man & Organized Cartel)
10. Still Cruisin’ Bristol (feat. Organized Cartel)
11. Aqui Estoy (feat. Phrome & Organized Cartel)
12. Connected & Respected (feat. Chito)
13. Everyday We’re Hustlin (feat. Organized Cartel)
14. You Know It’s On (feat. Organized Cartel & Selo)
15. End of the Week (feat. Organized Cartel & Selo)
16. I Ain’t Ready (feat. Spanky Loco & Spookie)
17. SA’ers West Coastin’ (feat. Organized Cartel & Da Enfamis)
18. Cartel Side 4 Life (feat. Chito & Sporty)
19. I Pledge To Tha Streets Outro

Slugg Ent.

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