Sickosylum small Sickosylum


1. Perfectly    Lil Uno, Johnny Rourke, Shysti , Big Young
2. Sicko on This    Lil Uno, Siccmade Muzicc, Big Young
3. Beyond Your Comprehension    Lil Uno, Siccmade Muzicc, Shysti, Big Young
4. Stay Gone    Lil Uno
5. Think About It    Lil Uno, Siccmade Muzicc, Big Young
6. I Stay High    Michelle Ambriz, Shadow
7. Sickos    Lil Uno, Siccmade Muzicc, Big Young, Cee-Cee
8. Sickofrantick    Lil Uno, Shadow, Big Young
9. Really Like    Lil Uno, Big Young
10. From Another Time    Big Young
11. We Don’t Give a F**k    Michelle Ambriz, Lil Uno, Big Young, Shysti
12. It Ain’t Funny    Lil Uno, Chag G
13. Sicko Ways    Michelle Ambriz, Siccmade Muzicc
14. Tell It to the Globe    Lil Uno, Siccmade Muzicc, Big Young
15. Friends    Lil Uno
16. Low Pro Mix

King Size Records
Riverbottum Entertainment

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