slowitdown 200x200 Slow It Down

Slow It Down

1.My Neighborhood- Jasper, Skandle”Oso”, Lil Minor
2. Im Yours- Troub Nasty, Big Dave, Fingazz
3. King Of The Block- Kilos, Baby Jokes
4. Take You There- Dave Salas, Ms.v
5. Entrapment
6. Gotta Get Next To You- Eddie Cane
7. Witch Craft – Conejo, Wicked From Brown Side
8. Maria’s Got A Baby Featuring Mis V
9. Hood Devotion Fiesty 2 Guns, Mike Nezz
10. The Struggle Fiesty 2 Guns
11. You Feel In love with a gangster- Featuring Ms Krazie, Rigo Luna
12. Smoth Chicano Flavor- Featuring Tierra And Lil Minor
13. Champain At Midnight- Featuring Big Dave And Mis V
14. America
15. Slow It Down

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