the southside boss 200x200 The Southside Boss

The Southside Boss

1. Intro
2. Gripping My Grain
3. G’s That I Roll With (Huero Snipes, L Boy, Spanky Loco)
4. Perpetrate
5. G String (Fingazz. L Boy)
6. Don’t Take My Baby
7. All My Hustlers
8. Dipping and Flossing (Huero Snipes, L Boy)
9. Rollin (L Boy, Loco Youngs)
10. Live by the Gun (Frost, L Boy, Wicked Minds)
11. Ride Till I Die (Big Crime, L Boy)
12. Some Real Gangsters (Big Crime, L Boy, Lil Blacky, Trav)
13. Nasty (Huero Snipes, L Boy, Loco Youngs)
14. Thats Where I Be At (Big Crime, Herb Daily L Boy)
15. What Hood You Bang (L Boy, Loco Youngs, Young “G”)
16. You Aint No Gangster
17. Gucci Sunshades (Cam Capone, L Boy)
18. SureƱo
19. Lboy & L Boogey
20. Soul Bleed

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