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Talkbox City

1.Ws Rider (feat. Dogg Master) – Casual & Joker
2.The Game We Play (feat. Dj Ak) – Gfunk & Pass
3.Westcoast G’z (feat. Sly Box) – Casual, Lil.wicked & Dat Raskal
4.Shake That Ass (feat. Dogg Master) – Casual
5.Gangsta Funk (feat. Dj Ak) – Big Stalks & French Connection
6.Test Us (feat. Dogg Master) – Joker
7.More Bounce (feat. Moon) – Big Stalks
8.Back to the Streets (feat. Dogg Master) – Casual
9.Sets in Tha Sky (feat. Moon) – Big Stalks
10.How We Livin (feat. Sly Box) – Xasual
11.Riding Low (feat. Dj Ak) – Gfunk & Big Cisco
12.Gangsta Party (feat. Dogg Master) – Casual
13.California Love (feat. Dogg Master) – Casual, Crazy Boy & Big Stalks
14.Summertime (feat. Dogg Master) – Casual
15.Dedicated (feat. Dogg Master) – Casual & Weeto
16.Mami Te Quiero (feat. Dj Ak) – Gfunk & Big Cisco
17.Get Close (feat. Beebz) – Dttx, Lilblacky & Selo
18.So High (feat. Dogg Master) – Gfunk, Diamond & Weeto
19.Southern California (feat. Dogg Master) – Casual & Big Stalks

Westside Records

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