uncut for the calles mextape 200x200 Uncut for the Calles: Mextape

Uncut for the Calles: Mextape

1. Pocos Pero Locos Intro Ft. Khool Aid
2. Mi Vida Loca (Cisco Kid Flow) Ft. Ese Daz of Spanish Fly
3. Get High
4. Get Back Ft. T-Weaponz
5. For the Streets Ft. Lil J the Mex Connect
6. Form the SD to H-Town Ft. Lucky Luciano
7. Three Amigos Ft. Low G & Chocstilli
8. The Governator Skit
9. What You See Ft. Gemini & Carmen Sandiego
10. Got Weed Ft. Nasty
11. Get Your Feria Ft. Baby Bash
12. Lil Rob’s in the House
13. West Coast Ridaz Ft. Frost & Diamonique
14. Truth or Consequences Ft. Clicka One
15. Clear
16. Bring it Back
17. Nasty Rock Ft. Fingazz
18. Cinco De Mayo
19. Hard Times Ft. Slow Pain, Ese Daz & 1 Down
20. Volver
21. Stuck with You Ft. Fingazz (Snippet Only)

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