The Untouchables 200x200 The Untouchables

The Untouchables

01. Everybody’s Talking (feat. V.M.F.)
02. City of the Six One Nine
03. I’ll Smoke That Ass (feat. Mr. Lil One & Sureño All Day)
04. Highway 666 (feat. Mr. Knightowl & Mr. Shadow)
05. Born To Be Bad (feat. Mr. Shadow & Youngstah)
06. Break It Down
07. Fuck the Rest (feat. Mr. Shadow)
08. Come and Fuck with Us (feat. Mr. Shadow & Lil Hits)
09. Stare Death
10. Hotter Than Hell
11. I Don’t Know
12. El Fin (feat. Mr. Knightowl & Slush the Villain)
13. Last Man Standing (feat. Boogie & Slush the Villain)

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