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Carolyn Rodriguez

A half-caucasian, half-Spaniard born bilingual singer and writer, she walked into a little studio in the Dope House Records warehouse with DFO Music Group back in 2001 hoping to record a demo to shop to some record labels. Five years later, she had worked with several Dope House artists in Houston, Texas, and is now recognized for her features on South Park Mexican’s recent billboard-topping release “When Devils Strike”. Carolyn Rodriguez is originally from North Carolina but came to Sam Houston State University in and graduated with an Accounting degree. There was an undeniable force that pulled her to Dope House Records. “I heard SPM’s ‘Mary Go Round’ in a friend’s car and I told everyone in college ‘I’m gonna do a song with this guy. Now we’ve done so many I can’t count! God definitely brought me here for a reason”… and it’s definitely no coincidence that she ended up at the largest and most established independent Latin rap label. DFO Music Group, headed by Jaime “Pain” Ortiz, was the production team that helped get Carolyn to that window of opportunity with SPM. “When Pain said ‘he wants to hear you sing and try you out on a hook’, I was wondering if he would even like my voice. After the first one he told me ‘I want you on ALL my hooks. You got that gangsta soul”. After sealing a strong partnership with SPM and Juan Gotti on numerous songs, DFO was ready to sprinkle Carolyn Rodriguez on everyone’s album. The Latin Urban music scene is about to embrace a new face with a new sound. Carolyn Rodriguez released her first solo album “Castellana” September 24, 2007 through DFO Music Group and it is distributed by Select-O-Hits. Jaime “Pain” Ortiz, its CEO (and Dope House Records’ chief engineer), produced half of the tracks on her album as well as engineer it. His resume also includes Latin Grammy and Billboard nominations, Grammy awards, and a seat on the prestigious Producers and Engineers Committee of the National Grammies. Carolyn’s mixed bilingual roots set the stage for a new genre of Latin Hip-Hop and R&B. Her solo album “Castellana” gave fans what they have been waiting for, a full disc of her own songs to complete their collection. The album is clean, yet street; gangsta, yet pop; it’s filled with Spanish and English club bangers and ballads, as well as pure Hip-Hop and R&B jams that remind you of her street credibility. The album features her fellow Dope House family members such as Juan Gotti, Low-G, Quota, and Shadow Ramirez. Besides the many tracks produced by Jaime “Pain” Ortiz, other producers grace her album such as Mario “Andretti” Ayala (credits include Missy Elliott and Baby Bash), Demon of 24/7 Hustlas, Tiger, Slip, and R.O.B. Spanish and English urban music lovers alike will enjoy “Castellana”, as every song packs a different punch guaranteed to leave fans wanting more. SPM’s “The Last Chair Violinist” is about to be released Sep.16 of this year, which will feature more of her recent work with him. “Man, I’m doin all KINDS of crazy stuff on this album; verses, hooks, singin, rappin, even a skit with different characters I do…I’ve NEVER worked with such an artist as Carlos Coy!” So you know what that means; her 2nd solo album will have much more of him on it as well, which she is currently working on.

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