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Mr. Junebug

Born and raised in Torrence, Ca. Influenced by his uncle and fighting his curiousity to how he would sound behind the mic. Mr. Junebug started at a very young age with his love for oldies and rapping. So logicaly he put the 2… together and looped oldies with some drums and started to spit on...

Steady Creepin

1.Intro 2.Ride With Us 3.Murder Scene 4.Southside 5.Halucinations 6.Bounce 7.Very Special 8.Skit 9.Somebody Please 10.F**kin’ It Up 11.Pimps and Macks 12.Steady Creepin’ 13.Ride With Me 14.Warzone 15.Rollin’ With My Thugs Did you like this? Share it:Tweet


1. We Be Bouncin’ 2. You Don’t Know Me – (with Skooter) 3. Feria 4. Driving Me Crazy – (with Skooter/D-Luv) 5. Like That – (with Bonks/Dirty Knuckle) 6. Girl You Blow My Mind – (with Skooter) 7. Skit 8. Hardlife – (with Lil Sic/D-Luv) 9. Let Me Try – (with Rocky Padilla) 10. Hoo-Bang...

There’s Only One Way About It

1. Soldier Ready For Death, A 2. Never Run – (with Seldom Seen) 3. Sick & Twisted 4. Don’t Want None – (with Mr. Shadow) 5. Pop Open a Bottle 6. Wait a Minute Homie – (with Seldom Seen) 7. I’m Trippin’ 8. F**K the Haters 9. Shoot em Up – (with Lil Gato) 10....

Sittin’ In The Park

Track Listing coming soon… Did you like this? Share it:Tweet