a day in the life of mr capone e A Day In The Life Of Mr. Capone E DVD

A Day In The Life Of Mr. Capone-E

It’s all here, the girls, the Lowrider cars and the life style of a true Gangster rapper. And if that’s not enough, Mr. Capone-e is including four music videos including Take A Chance, You’re The One For Me, Last Man Standing and Hi Power Soldiers. Mr. Capone-e spells success at retail; this DVD release will propel him and your profits to another level. Mr. Capone-e, a proven winner at the cash registers. This raw release follows Mr. Capone-e through his sold out California concerts in Bakersfield, Palm Springs and Los Angeles and continues to Chicago, Portland, Texas, Arizona and Las Vegas. He can also be seen kickin’ it with Lil Rob, Hi-C. Sugar Free and DJ Quik.Mr. Capone-e is a Latino gangsta rapper known for rhyming over raw beats and living a lifestyle that’s dangerously close to the edge. This documentary takes an insider’s look at the man behind the music through interviews, music videos, live performances, and behind-the-scenes footage that verify the street cred of Mr. Capone-e’s music.

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